Protect your hair from the Sun

If we all thought of our hair as being just like our skin, we’d probably take better care of it through the summer.

We all know it’s not clever to sit in the sun without our SPF Protection for our skin so why should we let our hair take the brunt of the heat? It really is just as damaging to our hair as it is to our delicate skin. The problem is that we don't feel it, until its brittle and dry to the touch.

So, what i'm saying here is that Sun protection is very important.

To make sure that the Sun and it's lovely heated rays don't damage or dry out your locks, try the following tips:

. Its a good idea to ditch the dry shampoo for a while and trade it in for intensive nourishment. If you depend on dry shampoos for added volume, Batiste now have a 2 in 1 range which conditions at the same time. If you 'have to' use a dry shampoo, switch to this.

. Heat & Humidity has a habit of volumising our locks with unwanted frizz. If your hair is well conditioned and protected from the elements, you should be OK to go outside and enjoy your day without the added worry of 'The scary lady' look.

You probably know that leave in conditioners are my most favoured product in the world. They really do have a lot of uses and keeping the sun off the hair shaft is key at the moment. Use a leave in conditioner after every wash. This will keep the Suns rays from getting through to the hair itself.

I like Palmers Leave in Conditioner. For a high street brand, its pretty impressive. Its light weight, smells nice and is also great for taming any wild stray hairs.

Find it here

So, what else is out there?

. I really like Hairdressers invisible oil by Bumble & Bumble -

This is a heat and ultra violet, protective primer.

This will make your hair feel soft and it won’t weigh it down at the same time. It also adds shine and has a fantastic smell. What’s not to love? Bumble & Bumble have a full family of Hairdressers invisible range and they are all fantastic. If you wanted to treat yourself this month, you should put these products on your list.

Find it here

Going for a swim?

. If you have a holiday coming up and plan to swim in the pool, it is advisable to use a protection cream or spray to help hold the chlorine out.

A good 'all round' product I love is Boots Swim, sun & gym. It’s a leave in conditioner with the added benefit of UV protection. I personally find this is the best product for chlorine avoidance.

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It is true what they say about blondes............ They can turn green!

. Don’t forget, if you have coloured hair, this is going to fade out a little in the Sun.

The key to keeping the colour 'locked in' is to make sure that your hair remains well conditioned through the summer months.

A regular conditioning treatment will really help.

My favoured product for this is Redken All soft Heavy cream

Find it here

. If you’re a blonde, you may start to notice that brassy or yellow shades are appearing. I can not rate violet shampoos highly enough. They are your savior here. If you haven't tried these, you'll wonder why you didn't try them sooner and you'll never go back.

I prefer to use Schwarzkopf Excellium range. You won’t be disappointed. Your hair will not only appear a cleaner tone (no yellow or orange) but your hair will be left feeling soft.

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Be careful not to use a Violet shampoo more than once a week as they are essentially a gentle toner so with each use, the hair follicles are opened to inject a violet tone. By doing this too often, the hair will become delicate, dry and the colour will fall out quicker.

Have a wonderful Summer everyone and take care of your hair.

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