As the weather changes the scenery, we may as well change our hairstyles too!

Good news, the bow is back and if there is only one hair accessory you purchase for the festive season, make sure it’s a bow. Currently the biggest trend across London, Paris, Milan and New York. Perfect timing for adding a little Christmas touch or extra glitz to your hair for the party months ahead.

If bows aren't really your thing, why not mix up your style with some seriously cool cuts? Long and short hair can be effortless and in fact, we seem to be loving the messy bobs, pixie cuts and thrown up buns. The beachy look is still strong so do grab yourself a texturing spray and/or volumising agent.

Fancy something face changing?

Get a new fringe

With so many looks to create from one front section of hair it's pretty amazing how much of a change a simple cut can make.

The short fringe aka ‘Baby fringe’ is very hip at the moment. Kind of going back to the 80s but who doesn’t love the 80s right? If you’re brave enough for the chop, I highly recommend it for its cuteness.

Take a look at my Pinterest board for ideas.

Not feeling up for cute? Why not try a Choppy punk fringe

something with a little more edge and texture to it?

If you’re up for a dramatic chop

Consider the bowl cut

I’ve personally always loved the bowl cut. You have to be pretty brave to give it a go but if you have the face for it, why not? Now you don't have to go for the typical Paige boy look, messy bowl cuts also work.

Take a look at my pinterest board for ideas.

Not up for a cut? Why not try some new styles that won’t require the scissors?

The middle parting returns!

It’s amazing how much a parting can change our current style. Split it straight down the middle for a dramatic look. If you’re feeling super dramatic, finish your style with straight sleek hair. Don’t forget your heat protector if you are using heat appliances or straighteners.


These just got so much cuter. The days of the donut may be nearing their end as the buns get smaller and more Ballerina like now. Adding a braid around the base of the bun will finish the look perfectly.

Sleek low ponytails

Simply comb back your strands and tie tightly at the nape of your neck. Smooth your ends with a serum for an extra glossy finish. This is the perfect second or third day hairdo.

High retro ponytails

Sleek at the front with lots of volume at the back. The higher and more voluminous you can make your ponytail, the better. It's also ideal for getting extra wear from your curls or blow dry. Adding texture will also help fluff your tail.

Don't forget, not all hairbands are good for your hair. If you'd like more information on this- just click here

Get Glossy

The perfect smooth wave with added shine will always be

fabulous. I guess we have the likes of Kate Middleton to thank for keeping it up for so long. It’s an everlasting look. If you need extra shine, use a glossing product or finishing polish after curling.

Feel like taking it easy?

Don’t worry, the messy matte textured looks still rock and can be easily created with texturizing sprays and some roughing up. This works on pixie to mid length hair really well and couldn’t be easier

Aside from these ideas, a change of colour will always inject the feel good vibe and you’ll be in love with the new you.

Autumn and winter colours are stunning this year.


Whether it's a bright and fiery red or a muted strawberry blonde, the copper tones will always add a little warmth. Just whats needed at this time of year.


Blondes are starting to steer away from the platinum tones this year and are generally going back to their natural tones of warmer, golden blondes. The Balayage technique is perfect for a soft approach to toning down.


Silver and platinum hair has been a huge hit in the past, but we seem to be going darker now. Think of ash greys, charcoal and steel. If you’ve already had your hair lifted to a silver tone, this is an easy transition for you if you’re ready for a deeper tone. This change will also mean your hair immediately feels glossed and it will reflect the light beautifully.

Take a look at my pinterest board for ideas

I hope I've managed to inspire you with your hair and I look forward to seeing more wonderful styles as we approach the end of 2018.

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