Why Pay For Professional Colours?

I often get asked what makes a professional colour different to those we find in the supermarkets. When it comes to caring for your hair there is a big difference. Apart from the price tag, there's a lot to think about.

I say this a lot but think of your hair like you do your skin. What we put on it will have it's effect be that negative or positive.

The ingredients that go into the products we use on our hair are vital.

Having a trained professional apply your colour is only step one. The colour itself is another ball game. As a professional, I will only use professional colours as it is so important to look after our hair the best we can.

So, one of the main problems with the supermarket brands is that there is often too much alcohol and/or silicons in them. These will cause the hair to dry out which leads to hair breakage. Box dyes are what I call 'one size fits all'. Do you really want that going on your unique hair?

When selecting a colour, we need to take a lot into account first. Your desired colour, your percentage of greys (if any), hair condition, hair maintenance, colour history, the list goes on. Picking a box off the shelf won't necessarily give you the colour you think. It also won't match your friends hair because she/he used it before.

Professional products have good quality ingredients that will not only offer vibrant colours and shine but are perfectly created and mixed for your hair type taking all of the above into account. And you guessed it, the colour will also last much longer.

You might have heard that hairdressing is a bit of a science. It really is.

What do I choose?

As a professional, I was trained using Wella colours so they are the colours I know best.

With a huge range of tones and depths I am able to create any colour imaginable without excess damage.

For clients who want to hide the greys with a tint, I use KOLESTON PERFECT colours which are permanant on the hair. Koleston leaves you with pure, balanced colour results with natural depth and extra shine. It covers 100% of greys and can give you up to 5 levels of lift without the use of bleach so it causes less hair damage.What's not to love?

ILLUMINA COLOR is an amazing range. The colours elevate the light to its highest spectrum revealing previously unseen potential in hair.

These colours are so unique they stir the senses and emotions of all clients with their incredible light reflection and amazing hair protection. The quality of your hair is left feeling irresistible.

WELLOXON developers is used alongside Koleston & Illumina as the perfect partner. It is specifically formulated to achieve the most accurate colour and provides optimal consistency of colour making application more precise and also making it easier to rinse. We all want a comfortable experience while we are having our hair transformed.

COLOR TOUCH- The Demi- permanant colour range that I use for bleached hair and hair without greys. It's ammonia free, and gives multi-dimensional tones. Paired perfectly with Colour Touch developers.

COLOR FRESH- This range is extremely versatile. These colours gently condition and balance the acidic pH levels in the hair. It's prefect for colour correction and introducing new colours softly.

INSTAMATIC COLOR TOUCH These gorgeous pastels allow me to create the latest hair colour trends with an Instamatic Matte Gloss, the new fashion forward diffused colour finish that fades beautifully.

BLONDOR FREELIGHTS and BLONDOR LIGHTENING powders allow me to create even and controlled blonde highlights and Balayage with up to 7 levels of lift. These also works beautifully on pre-coloured hair and contains anti-yellow molecules which help to reduce brassy undertones.

BLONDOR LIGHTENING powder lets me be as creative as possible as it allows freehand application for Couture colour services.

I use these alongside varied kinds of techniques to create multi-dimensional colour, from subtle highlights to extreme lift.

If you are considering a colour change, do make sure you have a full colour consultation and patch test at least 48 hours prior.

Why is a colour consultation so important?

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