Why you shouldn't cut your own fringe

How hard can it be? Looks easy right? I mean, it's only a small amount of hair and surely as long as you cut straight (and not too short) it will be fine, right?

Don't do it - cutting your own fringe is borderline crazy.

If I were to blindfold you first, would you still attempt it? Probably not.

Well, to gain the perfect baseline, especially if you're going for a full fringe, you will of course need a mirror. Not a problem for most people to get set up, but then comes the sectioning.

If you get past this, you're doing well.

Just a few straight snips to make now. Easy!

Here's the problem. To get the straight line you think you can get pretty easily, you will need to place your hands directly in front of your eyes, not only obstructing your view of your mirror, but now you can only see your own fingers.

So, your hair is now stuck in the one spot you can't see and you're about to cut it. Are you sure?

You could try tilting your head to an angle that lets you see (sort of) what you're doing.

You can make your first snip now if you're still brave enough but remember, you're now at an angle.

This is what gives your new fringe a layered effect.

So if it was a layered fringe you were after, Excellent. If not, you've now got shorter bits at the front and you might need to fix it.

Do you shorten the rest to line up with that shorter bit? Do you leave it there? Do you try and snip into it to make it less obvious?

It's up to you where you go from here, but my advice is don't cut your own fringe!

Leave this to someone who can not only see what they are doing with those scissors, but who also understands the rules of hairdressing.


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