If you've recently had a baby, this blog is for you.


Being a mum may be fun and exciting but throughout these first years, mums can often get a little forgotten about. We are so busy being mum that we're simply not top priority anymore. Your image generally then falls a little further down the list of things to worry about. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but let's not forget about ourselves completely.

What is postpartum hair anyway?

This is the stage that your hair is in after giving birth. A lot of hormonal changes in the body will take it's toll on your hair too. Don’t be surprised if you’re cleaning out the plughole every time you wash your hair. Post-partum hair can be a real challenge for some women as we shed a lot more hair than usual in the first few months. As scary as it can be, it is very normal.

While you were busy for 9 months, growing your baby, your hair was busy growing itself. Almost none of your hair would have fallen into its resting stage (this is the stage that your hair reaches just before it falls out). An average woman loses around 100 hairs a day. So, 100 hairs each day over nine months really is a lot of hair. That's nearly 3000 extra hairs hanging around just waiting to reach resting stage. You probably noticed that your hair was more luxurious and thicker during your pregnancy and that's why.

Once your baby is here, your estrogen levels take a big dip so the hair follicles then begin to rest and you guessed it, it starts to fall out (in handfuls at times). You may start to worry that you’re going bald and you may well feel too embarrassed to talk about it but other mums will be going through this with you. The good news is that it won't last forever and you will get your hair back to it's normal state over time.

Is there anything you can do about it?

We can’t stop it falling out and we can’t stop the crazy baby hairs popping up along your hairline either but there are ways to control whats happening with a little bit of useful info.

It’s all in the knowledge of good hair products, a great stylist and your hair care routine. Click here for my basis haircare tips to get you started.

Please discuss your concerns with your stylist.

Not all women are prepared to just ride it out and see what happens and your stylist should be able to recommend a suitable style that can hide any thinning areas and can be styled easily. After all, finding time to style your hair can get a little difficult with little ones in tow. Having easy to manage hair at this point in life can be life changing.

Mums have a habit of tying their hair up. Because it's easy, it's out of the way and it of course, convenient. But over time, those fine new baby hairs at the front that you now have will be more prone to breakage and sadly, this can leave you with what looks like a receding hairline. Eeeeeek!

(Read my previous blog here about hairbands for more information)

What styles should you think about?

A lot of mums tend to go for shorter styles. It’s not just for the ease of having less hair, It also stops us getting in the habit of throwing the hair in a ponytail each day. It is however, great when you have little ones that like to grab and pull but of course, it's also much quicker to wash, dry and style.

Going for the chop isn’t for everyone so if you want to keep it longer, try experimenting with moisturising products and products that help achieve added volume.Dont forget to check the ingredients if you're trying something new.

Is it time for a fringe?

Fringes are a great hideaway for any thinning areas to the hairline, which sadly most of us will get. Not everyone thinks a fringe would suit them but if you choose the correct style of fringe for your face shape, you may be surprised just how good a fringe can look on you. Discuss options with your stylist as it's important that your natural fall is considered to find the right fringe for your hair type too. Whatever you do, do not attempt to cut your own fringe (click here if you want to know why).

What products do you need?

Product use in most cases is an absolute must at this stage. You’ll either need a volumising agent, taming products, moisturising products or all of the above. Your stylist can assess your hair and suggest the correct products for your hair dependent on it's current condition and your personal lifestyle.

Whatever you decide to do, manageable hair will make the world of difference to you. Keeping your confidence levels high, you also gain an extra power as Supermum. When your hair works around you, that's one more thing that you can tick off of your to-do list- freeing up more time to be mum.

I hope this blog gives some inspiration and confidence that all will be back to normal at some point. Until then, we can always work with it.

If you are still concerned about how much hair you are losing, speak to your stylist or GP. For more information on hairloss, click here.


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