Curls not curling the way you wish they would?

Having curly hair is something we should be proud of but sadly, most new clients I meet with curly hair, don’t actually like their curls.The reason is usually because the curls are frizzy, not quite a curl but rather a wave, or the hair is so curly that they don’t know what to do with it so it’s generally tied up in one way or another.

Let’s stop this crazy talk

Curls are something to be treasured!

Think about all the straight haired woman out there who’d do anything to get a curl to hold in place. Having natural movement in your hair really is a bonus.

So, what do you do with hair that seems for some to be, unmanageable? We manage it.

It’s all about knowing how your hair works and working with it to ensure it’s in its healthiest state. Curly hair can be troublesome but there is always an answer.

So, what’s your problem?

Too Frizzy?

Frizzy hair isn’t something we ladies desire and usually our hair is frizzy for a reason. That reason is usually that the hair is lacking moisture. Hair that is under conditioned is generally dry and will not only tangle more easily making brushing difficult but will also break causing split ends and an extra frizzing effect.

It is important to keep your hair nourished and healthy.

So, what do you need to do?

Condition your hair regularly.

Always use conditioner when washing your hair and try not to wash more than 2-3 times a week. The more regular your wash, the more you wash out natural oils essential for healthy hair.  I recommend a regular use of leave in conditioner (mid to ends of hair only) and in some cases, a fortnightly moisturising mask too. 

If you obey these rules, you will notice your hair improving after a few weeks. Depending on how dry the hair is to start.

When styling your hair, use leave in conditioner or finishing polish to keep the frizz at bay. This will also ensure that moisture in the air does not penetrate your locks bringing the frizz back. Those with fine or thick hair can use this and will be very happy with the results.

Use a diffuser.

Drying your hair with a diffuser will enable your curls to dry in a natural state and your curls can be tweaked if necessary. Once you’ve evenly placed leave in conditioner in your hair (section the hair, to make sure it runs throughout) dry with your diffuser holding the diffuser downwards. You dont't want to add frizz by letting the air flow upwards along the hair. 

Ignoring the urge to scrunch your hair is a trick to be mastered as the natural instinct is to squeeze curls into place. Do not touch your hair. The moment to put a squeeze in is the moment you add frizz. It takes a little getting used to but it’s worth sticking to this rule.

If you have an awkward curl that just doesn’t want to sit correctly, simply wet this curl and re-curl in the correct direction around your finger. Whilst holding the curl in place, use your diffuser to dry the hair around your finger. Let go and hey presto, it’s behaving!

Once you’ve followed these instructions for a while, your hair will feel much healthier and will be easier to manage.  

Regular 6 week haircuts are a must here if you want to keep it up.

Not curly enough?

Most people don’t actually have a perfect curl throughout all of their hair. But you can achieve it.

As with all hair, try not to over wash your locks as you don’t want to lose moisture in the hair. It’s very important that curly hair is well nourished to keep it in line.

Curl activator products are fantastic for a little helping hand here.  Grab yourself a bottle of activating cream or spray and you’ll be thrown into a whole new world of luscious curls.

Simply run through wet hair and leave. You can also use a diffuser to dry your hair if needed.

Remember to hold the diffuser downwards and whatever you do, do not scrunch your hair. Nope, not even a little bit. Trust that the activating product is going to do the work for you, and it will. The moment you put a squeeze in, is the moment you add frizz. So stick to this rule.

If you have an awkward curl that just doesn’t want to sit correctly, simply re-curl in the correct direction around your finger. Whilst holding the curl in place, use your diffuser to dry around your finger. Job done.

Too curly or too thick?

When people tell me that their hair is too curly, it’s usually because they have a very full head of hair which is hard to manage. Defining the curls will mean that any frizz within the hair is not pushing the hair outwards giving you that poufy/wild look. 

Try the leave in conditioner. It’s good to get the moisture levels correct first so you have good hair to work with. If you find that your hair is still hard to manage after a month of regular use, a trip to a good hairdresser should do the trick.

Thick hair can be transformed with a good haircut.

Now, I’m not talking about cutting it all off. You need to make sure that the weight of the hair is lessened and falls into an easy to manage curl. Your hairdresser will be able to do this for you without adding layers to your style or taking off a lot of length.  Always check that your hairdresser is fully qualified for the job first.

So, if you follow these instructions, your 'hair life' should become a lot easier. You’ll find that you can love your curls and embrace them.

So, ditch the damaging straighteners and start a fresh with bouncy healthy and frizz free curls.

Still not convinced that you can love your curls?

Another bonus to having naturally curly hair is that it can be

bent into shape using heat and the style you put in will stay in place.

Now, if you had silky smooth straight hair, you’d be wishing you could hold curls so well.  Count yourself as one of the lucky ones!

In general, no one is completely happy with their hair and they will always wish for the opposite to what they have. Having a little knowledge about your hair can change that. It really is all about the right product and the right care.

Good luck ladies.

A few of my favourite products are listed below for you.

Leave in conditioners:

Wella professionals brilliance leave in mousse

Milkshake whipped cream leave in foam

Palmers Olive oil leave in conditioner

Redken Extreme anti-snap leave in conditioner (for fine hair)

Conditioning Masks:

Wella professionals fusion mask

L’Oréal Absolute repair lipidium intensive mask

Curl activators:

Redken Curvaceous full swirl cream

Twisted Sista curl activator

L’Oréal Everstyle curl activating mousse.

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