Is your thick hair getting a little too much?

Heard this before?

‘Wow, you’ve got a lot of hair’

If so, continue reading.

This blog is for you.

Now nearly every woman out there (at some point) has wished they had the opposite hair type to that which they have. There’s no need to start wishing. All you need is the know how to make your hair work for you.

You might be thinking that this is impossible but it's not.

When your hair is managed correctly, a whole new world is opened up and you’ll find yourself loving the hair that has always driven you slightly crazy.

If you want easy hair, keep reading.

Here are some tips on how to manage your thick hair and learn to not only appreciate it, but love it too!

As always, this starts with a good haircut.

Get a professionally trained hairdresser for this. With the weight of the hair corrected and a style that will work with your every day life will make a fantastic start to the new healthy happy head you are about to enjoy.

Don’t panic, you don’t need to go cutting it all off. If you like long hair, It can still work for you. As long as the weight is taken out correctly (generally avoiding layers) you can enjoy a much easier head of hair that still holds its length.

Once, you’ve had a good haircut, follow these managing tips to start loving your new style.

Chose a shampoo that matches your hair type.

You may still have fine hair even if you have a lot of it. This makes it appear to be thick hair but is still classed as fine. If you’re not sure, ask your hairdresser to clarify this.

After washing your hair, never rub the towel against your hair. Simply wrap your towel around the hair and give it a squeeze.

Your hair is at its most fragile while wet so you don’t want to cause the hair damage with friction. If your hair is already frizzy, fine or dry, you don't want to make the problem worse.

So, what do you generally dislike about your hair?

It feels heavy and takes too long to dry.

Having the weight removed will get you on the right path to drying your hair faster. It will feel much lighter too meaning you spend half the time washing, drying and styling. Life is easier already. There’s no need to keep tying it up for ease. Try my blow drying tips below for an easier start to the days.

It’s frizzy or dry.

Having the weight removed will give you a shape that works for your face shape but if your hair is frizzy, a cut won’t eradicate the problem by itself.

Add these products to your haircare regime and things will soon change (Remember your hair is delicate so be kind- Chose a shampoo that matches your hair type).

Add moisture – Use a leave in conditioner each time you wash your hair. Never apply this your roots.

Over time (depending how dry your hair is to start) your hair will be better moisturised and you will not only see the difference in its smoothness but you will feel it too.

As the hair follicles suck up the extra moisture, the bonds which structure the hair are repaired and begin to smooth. Leave in conditioners can also be used on dry hair to tame any hairs that misbehave after styling. They are also great to help make combing your hair when wet, a whole lot easier.

Use heat protectors when styling- We don’t want the moisture your putting in (with the leave in conditioner) to be sucked straight back out. Heat on the hair shafts causes the follicles to lift allowing the elements to get into the hair as well as the heat. It is very drying to your hair. Heat protectors really do work and will help to prevent damage to your new hairstyle.

Use smoothing lotions to finish your style.

Rather than running hot straighteners through your hair to give it a smoother finish, try a smoothing finishing product to tame any naughty hairs and add shine at the same time. The more heat we put on our hair, the dryer it will become. If you can get in the habit of doing this, your hair will show you its appreciation over time.

I'm no good with a hairdryer and it kills me to attempt a blow dry.

Not all of us are good at blow drying our hair. A professional blow dry is always worth paying for but realistically, most of us cant afford such a luxury all the time.

So, my tips for this are pretty straight forward. It’s a good starting point for those who struggle to control the airflow of the hairdyer as they run a brush through. If you have thick hair, i'm assuming you don’t want to be creating huge curls on a daily basis so this option will allow you to smooth your hair easily and tame any frizz issues.

Start with a leave in conditioner or a heat protection spray. It is essential we protect the hair from heat damage to avoid frizz.

Grab yourself a paddle brush. The flat square or rectangular brush. Size needed is dependent on how long your hair is. The longer your hair, the larger the paddle needed.

Once you have your magical brush, you cant really go wrong.

Brush through hair first. Rough dry with your finger til you are at least 70% dry. Once you’ve done this, grab your paddle and brush through whilst placing your nozzle onto the brush itself. The brush will guide the nozzle as you run this through you hair. All you need to do, is keep the nozzle on the brush. It’s easier than you think. Having a flat surface allows the hairs to smooth while the paddle acts as a platform to hold your hairdryer in the right position.

Once you've mastered the paddle brush, you can start creating waves and curls using round brushes.

Depending what hair type you have, you will need to choose the correct brush.

If your hair is fine, chose a natural bristle brush with a cushioned base. It’s not only gentle on delicate hair but it will also help distribute natural oils adding shine.

For medium to thick hair, chose a brush with synthetic bristles. These create less static than the natural versions and are great for getting through masses of hair in one stroke.

For those that have naturally curly hair, read my blog on managing curls to enjoy your new hairstyle with ease.

Your first few attempts at this may not be perfect. This is where the products come in.

Use a smoothing lotion to control any stray hairs that may not have smoothed as much as you wished. Not only will this finish your style nicely but it will create a protective barrier on the hairs shafts to ensure the elements don’t get in. Try to avoid grabbing your hair straighteners as this will dry your hair and cause damage over time.

I hope you enjoy my handy tips for manageable hair. If you'd like more information, read my blog on tips to healthier hair, to keep your new style in great condition.

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