2020 - Going Back In Time

I am sitting here thinking about the latest hair trends this year. I must admit, I am excited about what the year will bring. 2020, A new decade which is starting with a bang, grabbing styles from previous decades of fantastic original creations. Old style cuts paired with modern products will create a joyous hair world with not only ease of styling, but more fun too.

This year is all about going short. Having short hair will make life a little easier. You may not be able to tie it all back on lazy days but when your styling only takes 5 minutes in order for it to look fabulous, I don't think you will mind so much. It is quicker to wash, quicker to dry and quicker to style. If you were thinking of a change, think about going short this year.

So, whats going on with the current trends and where have they come from?

Back to the 60's

It's all about the Bob this year. Vidal Sassoon created the iconic bob in the 1960's with inspiration coming from short fashion cuts going back to 1910. During the 1920's, short waved or curled hair was extremely popular for woman but this only lasted for 10 years.

Vidal Sassoon brought the bob back with sharper lines and a more simple cut which has been going ever since. The Bob now is so tailored to an individual's style that they now work for almost every face shape. Choosing the right style of bob is essential so do seek a professional's opinion on going forward with your new look. You may want a classic bob, a box bob, a shaggy bob, a long bob, blunt bob, the list goes on............................

If you have long hair and you're a little scared to take the plunge, you may want to consider a longer bob style first.

Who's already doing it? Ashley Benson, Eva Mendes, Hailey Bieber, Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner.

Back to the 70's & 80's

The 70's showed us lots of layers, added volume and extra texture. Think Farrah Fawcett, Jerry Hall and Goldie Horn. Big voluminous hair with flicked out long fringes. This decade also gave us the Shag cut created by Paul McGregor which was a unisex style. Think David Bowie, Mick Jagger

and Rod Stewart. The Shag basically turned into the Mullet by the 1980's (I won't mention the Rattails). This Shag/Mullet, along with texture and added volume, has created this years trend setter. The shag/mullet is back and actually it looks great now that we have better styling products and tools available at ease. It's a new, sexier shaggy cut now.

Those long fringes I mentioned are also back. If you don't feel comfortable having your hair in your eyes, curtain fringes are also no longer a thing of the past. If you decide to go with a fringe, make sure a professional does this for you as fringe shape is so important to a persons face shape, cut it wrong and you will regret it.

Who's already doing it? Bella Hadid, Joan Jett, Lisa Rinna, Natasha Lyonne, Taylor Swift.

Back to the 90's

Most of us watched Friends in the 1990's. Most of us remember Jennifer Aniston's famous hair when she played Rachel. This creation came from Chris McMillan who was inspired by Farah's 1970's flip I mentioned in the last paragraph. Those intense square layers of Rachel's are back. Again, this style is really easy to manage on all hair types, now that we have fantastic products and tools available.

Who's already doing it? Ariel Winter, Halle Berry, Julianne Hough, Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner.

So, 2020 is going backwards and forwards at the same time in terms of styles but I am loving these easy to manage looks. What a perfect time to try something different. It's a new decade, so why not start it with a little fun and choose a shorter style that works for you and has you starting this decade, bang on trend.

I am excited about the hair trends this year, I hope you are too. Remember, if you don't trust your hairdresser to completely restyle your look, it is time to find a new hairdresser.

I hope you've been a little inspired. If you'd like to get some ideas, check out my Pinterest board here for 2020 looks.

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