Is Your Stylist Qualified?

Isn’t it a little crazy to assume that the person about to go at your hair with strong chemicals or a sharp pair of shears, knows exactly what they are doing?

It is, but a lot of us of are guilty of assuming exactly that.

'Is your stylist qualified?'

It’s a question worth asking.

I'm finding that many people who call me, need me to correct a bad haircut. It does happen. We’ve all been there at least once in our lives.

As a mobile hairdresser, I see a lot of badly crafted haircuts often the result of an unqualified hairdresser.

If you ask, they will happily confess that they don’t hold any qualifications but sadly, how many of actually ask?

It seems that this is a question often left too late and it can be

a costly way to have your hair done as most of us (for one reason or another) will still pay the full cost of our cut or colour even though it’s not what we'd asked for, or it’s so badly done that we can’t actually bear to look at it.

We tend to either pay and leave, or pay and say ‘thank you’ while sending the hairdresser on their way.

There is nothing wrong in asking where your stylist has trained, where they have worked previously or how long they have been in the trade.

Your hair is your crown so you want to keep it looking as good as it possibly can. You certainly don’t want to spend the next four months growing it out again.

Hairdressers generally pride themselves in the knowledge that they’ve been educated, have worked hard and learnt everything they needed to know before going anywhere near your hair.

Don't get me wrong, there are naturally talented people out there that have had no training at all but can still pull off an amazing up do.

I don't see a problem with this as nothing can go too wrong.

Creativity really is key here and nothing is long lasting.

You tube is proving a powerful way to learn new techniques that let us create wonderful and unique hair styles.

Are you safe in the salon?

Remember that not everyone in a salon will always be qualified and not every salon watches over their trainees fully. This can allow mistakes to happen.

If you specifically want a professional haircut, do request that you are booked with a qualified hairdresser or a senior stylist.

Once your hairs gone it’s gone (for a while at least). Once it’s ruined by a badly applied colour it could cost you a small fortune for your correction not to mention that your hair could be seriously damaged as a result.

Recommended by a friend?

Now they may have done a good job on your friend but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can manage the style that you will request. We all have different hair types and this has to be taken into consideration to achieve a great haircut.

The good news

Luckily, most of us out there are indeed fully qualified but think about this when you next try a hairdresser for the very first time.

Ask the question. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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