Halloween hair inspiration!

I love this time of year. It's time to get on board with some crazy hair.

As Halloween approaches, we might as well start thinking about what gory creature we are going to be this year.

If you have an event planned, you’ll want to play the part.

Why not play it well? It's not just the makeup that adds the gory touches.

Halloween hair doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, if you don’t want to spend a long time on your hair, take advantage of this as there is no need to.

Messy hair works well at this time of year. So, here are some guidelines on how to rough it up and make your costume complete.

Using the right product will help you create a fantastic look that will last past sunrise. Here are some of my favourite products or the occasion.

Texture spray

This is fantastic for Halloween. Adding extra texture can give your tresses a messy look with ease.

Wet look Gel

This is a perfect product for creating wet or slimy effects.

Dry Shampoo

Not only does it add volume, if you use too much of it, it creates a dusty /web effect as the powder build up sets white.

Coloured hair Spray

Adding a pop of colour be it white/silver or a bright shade, will certainly transform your look. These sprays wash out after 3 washes so no need to worry.

Firm hold hair spray

Great for keeping your style in place. Some sprays do have volumisers in them now so look out for these.

If you need a little inspiration on what look to create this year, take a look at my Pinterest board here. - There is something for everyone I'd say.

So, now you have a style in mind, where do you find these products?

I have listed my go to products below for you to try yourself.

Texture Spray

Kevin Murphy - Bedroom Hair

Buy it online

Find it here

Wet look gel

VO5 Wet look Gel

You will find this in Boots and Superdrug stores

Find it here

Dry Shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo

It comes in a wide variety and can be found in most supermarkets as well as Boots and Superdrug stores

Coloured hair sprays

Renbow crazy colour sprays

You can find these online from various sellers.

Hair spray

L’Oréal Elnett-Supreme hold

This is easily available in most supermarkets and pharmacy stores.

Find it here

Please remember -Be kind to your hair when brushing these styles out.

When you're ready to become human again, Use a leave in conditioner on wet hair and comb from the ends of your hair, to the root. This will help avoid breakage to the hair.

I hope this blog will help you create something fun.

If you'd like a professional to do it for you, do get in touch

Thank you for reading- Have a wonderful Halloween!


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