Top tips to healthy, gorgeous hair

It’s amazing how many of us say don't particularly like our hair. As a stylist I’m often hearing complaints of hair being too dry, too frizzy, too thin, too straight, too curly .................and the list goes on.

We all want a perfectly beautiful and naturally amazing head of hair right? Who wouldn' t?

Imagine we could actually achieve this with minimal effort. Imagine it was so healthy it always shined. Imagine it just fell into place after you washed it.

If you're wishing for all of the above. Read on to get the hair you've been longing for.

By making a few small changes (no one said this was effortless on your behalf) and taking good care of your hair, naturally beautiful hair can be easily achieved. Not only will your hair look and feel great but it will be healthy and easy to manage.

Troublesome traits you hate about your hair can be solved by developing a good hair routine and paying close attention to what you are doing to your it on a daily basis.

We all love having good hair days so give your hair a little TLC and get it looking great every day.

Here are my top tips to help you to whip your hair into shape and have it behaving the way you've always wanted it to.

Washing Your Hair.

If you’re guilty of washing your hair daily, then please stop. Its not just me begging you, all those little stands of yours are probably very confused and wondering where all the natural oils have gone. Washing your hair every day takes a lot of the goodness out, leaving you with an over productive scalp while its in a bid to replace the oils (Greasy scalp). Your ends are feeling it too as they dry and can start to break.' Its a bit of mess either way.

Here's the deal.

When you wash your hair, the shampoo molecules trap the oils so that when you rinse, the oils drain away with the foam, This leaves your hair prone to breakage if over used. The natural oils are not only there to moisturise your hair, but act as a protective barrier against the elements. You want to preserve them as much as possible.

So, How often should you shampoo?

Ideally, wash your hair as little as you can get away with. Once every other day is pretty normal for the majority of hair types.

By providing a balance between a little dirt and remaining oils, this will help to keep your hair a lot healthier. The only people that should wash more often are those that have been sweating away in a gym or swim regularly as chlorine isn't the kindest of chemicals to have hanging on to those strands.

Don't over condition.

When it comes to conditioning your hair, only use a small amount from half-way down your head to the ends (your ponytail). Never apply conditioner to your roots (Even if you have a dry scalp- this wont make it better).

Over conditioning will result in a greasy scalp and will weigh down your hair making it look flat. Remember, your scalp is producing it’s own oils so you don’t need the conditioner to help it out. We want your hair looking healthy and bouncy rather than lifeless and limp.

Towel drying rules

You may not know this but your hair is at it’s most delicate when it's wet. Rubbing your hair with your towel, (like so many people do) causes breakage to the hair as the strands are not only rubbing against each other but the fibres of the towel too causing friction. Don’t do it. Avoid damaging your hair by draining the excess water from it first. Simply grab your ponytail, squeezing the hair while sliding your hand down at the same time. Wrap it in the towel and gently squeeze (never rub).


As I said earlier, your hair is very delicate when it’s wet. You must be very careful with brushing or combing to avoid damage.

The rules.

When you comb your hair you must start from the bottom (ends) and slowly work your way up using a downward stroke, until you finally reach the top of your head. If your hair is particularly knotty or curly, you could add a little leave in conditioner which will help the comb to glide through easily.

Remember, never go against the hair follicles (brushing upwards) as this will damage the hair and cause breakage.

Tangle teasers are a fantastic aid for anyone who struggles a little.


Avoid Excessive Heat

As we all know and have heard before, heat does a lot of damage to hair. Strangely enough, a lot of women rarely think about this when styling their hair.

All heated tools that we use may give us great looking hair but we must remember that the heat is so extreme that it can seriously damage your hairs structure.

Hair straighteners and heating tongs are certainly the worst in terms

of damage caused as they can reach temperatures of up to 230 degrees. Just imagine, that’s more than double the boiling point!

Anything that applies heat to your hair isn’t great, yes even hairdryers. I'm not suggesting we never style our hair again, just use these tools wisely. Try to limit the use of heat and this should help keep your hair healthy. Protect your hair from high temperatures by using heat protection products (they really do work). There are a number of various brands available in the shops.

Remember, There’s nothing wrong with the natural look especially when your hair is in good condition (which it will be if you follow my tips).

Be kind to your hair and give it time to recuperate from each styling session which will make a big difference.

Consider The Elements

Another factor we have to think about when caring for our hair is the weather.

It can have a big impact so you have to also bear this in mind.

The Sun

Despite the fact we all love being out on a hot and sunny day, the UV rays from the sun can destroy the melanin (pigment) in your hair therefore causing your hair to get lighter.

Surprisingly, the melanin which is lost from exposure to the sun, can’t be replaced so the colour of your hair will never be able to revert back to the way it was. Do think of this when you’re out in the sun for long periods of time, especially if you colour your hair, as the sun could end up leaving you with a very undesired shade. Also, as you’ve probably guessed, the heat of the sun is also another added factor in causing heat damage. Remember, if you’re roasting then it’s likely your hair is too! A leave in conditioner is a great product to use as a protective barrier over the hair helping to minimise sun damage to your hair.

The Wind

Gusty winds can play havoc with your hair. You walk out of the house looking great and then ten minutes later you look like you’ve a bird’s nest attached to your head. When it’s very windy, not only does the hair tangle but the strands rub against each other causing breakage in the hair and split ends. On top of that, the cold, dry air causes the cuticles of the hair to lift, and by going back into a warm dry environment, moisture is lost leaving it dry,frizzy or both. It doesn't stop here. It also causes static, which can make the hair unruly, especially if you have fine flyaway hair.

Using a leave in conditioner is perfect for protecting the hair against the wind: it’ll also help lock in moisture and avoid breakage.

Even though the factors mentioned above can have a big impact on your hair, with the right styling products and by paying close attention to what you are doing, you will be able to prevent causing any unnecessary damage and keep it in good condition. Stick to my five golden rules and keep up the hard work. You will not only see an improvement in your hair but you will feel it too.

Soon, you’ll be one of those lucky people with naturally gorgeous hair.

Remember- It is advised that you trim your hair every 6- 8 weeks to maintain your ends and balance your weight.

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Thanks for reading my blog.

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