Fine, Limp Hair? Learn To Love It.

Many of us aren’t too happy about having fine hair but fret not, there are ways to help you manage it so you can start loving your hair.

Limp, lifeless hair can make us feel a little limp and lifeless ourselves but when your hair is in a healthy state, fine hair can be transformed.

Lets get rid of flat strands and get you a head of hair to be proud of. A little extra bounce and volume is generally what we crave as a pick-me-up so let's start by putting the life back into it.

Follow my tips below and you’ll be on your way to a head full of hair to love.

First things first,

Get A Good Haircut

You’ll need the correct length and perfectly placed layers. But not too many of course.

As a rule, having hair one length hair makes fine hair look flatter. Having extra weight with too much length can result in revealing too much scalp as the hair separates and reveals all. Light layering will help create texture which in turns gives maximum volume and movement. Your hairdresser can advise you on what works for your face shape and lifestyle.

Once you’ve got your new fantastic haircut, follow these simple tips...


It's all about getting the balance right. Be careful not to over condition. Conditioner build up is going to weigh your hair down further, resulting in a flat look.

If your hair is dry or frizzing, get in the habit of using a leave in conditioner to help get the moisture back. Never apply to the roots.

Switch Your Parting

Switch your parting to the opposite side every now and then; you will see instant lift. It’s the simplest thing to do yet most of us just don’t think to do it.


Rough-drying your fine hair before styling is an absolute must. Your hair needs to be at least 80% dry before running a brush through it to shape. Over brushing will make the hair more limp or worse still, a bit on the static side. If static is a problem, dampen the hair a little and let it rest.

Pick The Right Brush

Choose a brush with natural boar bristles or a brush made of flexible nylon. A cushioned base brush is gentle for daily use and will help stimulate your hair follicles. Vent brushes (brushes with holes) are great when styling as they allow the air to flow through the vents and add volume to your roots.


Don’t go overboard with hair products, too much will weigh the hair down no matter what it says on the bottle.

Use volumising sprays sparingly and only on your roots. If you are using other styling products like balms, make sure you don’t use these on the roots as this will cause flatness.

My favourite product for extra lift is Batiste dry shampoo. You’ll be amazed how much this product can do for you. Redken ‘Body Full’ weightlifter spray is also perfect for adding a little lift. Again, use this lightly.

To tame frizz, add a small amount of leave in conditioner to dry hair.

Add Texture

Add texture to your hair by using sea salt sprays. This will add volume and movement to the hair. These sprays can also be added to curls after tonging for that extra twist. Try Bumble & Bumble surf spray for this.

Heat Application

When using heat appliances to style your hair such as straighteners or tongs, make sure the hair is 100% dry before you start. Don’t forget to spritz a little heat protection spray to your strands as further drying will cause breakage. If you want to thicken the hair, I recommend Bumble & Bumble thickening spray.

Use Colour As Your Weapon

Colouring your hair could be one of the best things you'll ever do. Don’t be shy, strategically placed colour can create a multidimensional look, giving the illusion of movement and thickness.

Hair colour isn’t all bad as it expands the shafts of the hair making them appear thicker. Try to avoid bleaching as this can lead to breakage and a lot of damage. Treat your hair kindly when choosing your shades and effects. If you do go down the bleaching road, ask for a restructuring treatment alongside this such as Bondplex or Olaplex.

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