The Importance Of A Colour Consultation

So, you want to colour your hair.......and you want to colour your hair today. You don't see the point in a colour cosultation and you don't want to wait 2 days for patch test results.

Now, you may have the perfect look in mind. You may already know that you have a level 8 base or a even a level 4.

Maybe you are certain that you your desired shade is a level 9 with an ash tone……………………..But how sure are you?

You may not actually know what I’m talking about here.

This is why the colour consultation is so important. It is a vital part of ensuring that you are left with the exact depth, tone and effect that they have in your mind.

You need to make sure you are both on the same page.

A lot of ladies will request a Balayage for example, after looking at many images of an Ombre or vice versa.

Do we really know the difference?

Do you know how much lift you will need? Do you want multiple tones? Do you want a striking contrast or a natural sun-kissed feel? There are so many variations to choose from as when it comes to hair colour, the possibilities are pretty much endless but it's best to get a professionals opinion to ensure the colours chosen work with your style and skintone too.

All of this aside, your end results will also be dependent on your hairs current condition. Elasticity and porosity need to be taken into account here so its best to have a colourist check your hairs condirion first.

If your stylist is not talking to you about exactly what you want, you may have something completely different in mind, to what you actually get (something to think about).

Understanding your needs and desires is extremely important. You could send over a few Instagram images right? Wrong.

Think about this, What do you see here?

Same photo- just viewed on different devices.

Sending your stylist a photo doesn't mean that you are looking at the same colours.

If you can both sit in the same room and look at the same pictures together, you know you are on the same page. Your stylist can then work out the science part to ensure that you get what you've asked for.

Getting to the horrific side of all this.

If you don't have consultation, you risk it all going wrong.

A skin test is absolutely necessary before any colours or lighteners are used on your hair. I’m sure you would have read at least one story over the years about a girl/boy who had a bad reaction to hair colour. An allergic reaction to anything can be very serious but when we have an allergic reaction to a product used on the scalp, it can effect not only the scalp but facial areas too.

You could end up, not only in a lot of pain but with sore puffy eyes, a rash over your face or even broken skin which can cause bleeding. It’s a risk that is not worth taking.

Patch tests should be carried out 48 hours prior to any colour treatment even if you've had no reactions in the past.

Once your consultation and patch test has been done, you can be confident that your stylist not only understands you and your hair, but is sure that you will not have any horrible reactions after the process is completed. - Mobile hairdresser- South London

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