Hair Bands Aren't That Bad Are They?

They're our saving grace, rescuing us from bad hair days and making our lives a little easier.

Here's what you need to know about your hair band habits to avoid breakages and damage to your locks.

What to avoid.

Hairbands with a metal joint are notorious for causing breakage to your hair. These fasteners actually catch and snag the hair causing breakage. This also goes for any silver/Gold thread running through the band for decoration. Rubber bands are a little trendy at the moment but the grip is too strong for everyday use.

You can purchase plain bands without a join which are much kinder to use.

Tying your hair up when wet.

Only tie your hair up when it is dry. Your hair strands are very delicate when wet and tying it back will not only add pressure to the hairlines follicles but will damage the hair strands texture. If you're adamant about keeping your hair out of your face while it dries, try a silk head wrap. Not only are these super cool, they're actually very efficient.

Tying your hair up in the same place every time.

So many of us are guilty of this. If you need an incentive to mix up your ponytail, know this- Tying your hair with an elastic in the same place over and over again will damage that patch of hair follicles and cause breakage. If you like to have your hair up, move the band regularly by trying high ponytails, low side ponytails or better still, bobby pins alone.

Think about tension.

We all love a simple pony tail but whether it's a matter of practicality or you're giving yourself a slight face-lift, pulling too tight will put pressure on your hairline, which is very sensitive. It's true, if you wear your hair super-tight and pulled back every day, it will eventually cause damage to the hair follicles- To the point that the hair may fall out. This can leave you with a receding hairline.


Tying your hair back with an elastic band is actually most harmful when you're in bed. This is because of tossing and turning through the night. Whilst doing this, you are causing the hair follicles to rub against each other. It's best to leave your hair out so that minimal damage is caused. You could choose to sleep on a silk pillow. This allows the hair to slide around while you move giving you happier hair and less frizz.

So, be good to your hair. Think about how delicate it can be (especially if your hair is fine).

Get yourself the correct hair band and think of your hair as you would your skin. It needs to undergo as little damage as possible to be at its best.

Advice is always free so do get in touch if you would like any other hair tips.

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