Bridal hair. Where do you start?

So, your big day is getting closer. You've probably got most things sorted out.......... or maybe not.Each Bride is different and each wedding should be unique too.

Planning your hairstyle for the occasion is something that might have been playing on your mind since you first got engaged.

It might be something that you've left til last minute either because you don't think you're too fussy or you've been too busy with everything else to even think about it. It doesn't matter which because as I mentioned, each bride is different.

What is important is that you get it right. Yes, even if you fall into the category of not being too fussy.

Not all women are on board with fancy up dos and to be honest, I find that women who never have their hair up, can find an up do really isn't for them. You want to feel comfortable on your special day, not as though you've gone to a fancy dress as your alter ego. There is nothing wrong with being yourself.

If however, you think you probably do want something special, you've most likely got something in mind already. Pinterest is fantastic for giving us inspiration. It is a good idea to build yourself a board so you can keep track of the styles you see and have liked. Remember, there are a lot of images on the internet that look absolutely wonderful but realistically, the models usually have extensions to create the added volume, giant dutch braids and huge buns.

Speak to your hairdresser to see if extensions are something you might like to try. I recommend clip in extensions for the day. Correctly placed and secured, you wont have to worry about them slipping throughout the day.

Having a trial with your hairdresser is very important as it will allow you talk about any styles you have in mind. You can try these out for style to see what really works for you. I find that most brides don't end up going with the first look they tried. Even when they were super sure that it was exactly what they wanted.

It is always good to get the dress before you decide on your final style as you'll want the two to compliment each other. If you can show this to your hairdresser, even better. Your hairdresser can then help you line up potential styles that will not only match the dress but will match your personality too. I cant stress enough how important that is.

Your photos will be around forever- you'll want to look the best you can.

If you have already purchased accessories for your hair, hand those over to your hairdresser so you can see how they work with your style. Your hairdresser should have a good selection of bridal accessories available if you don't have your own or have simply left it a little late to purchase them.

Once you've decided on a hairstyle for the big day, make sure you take photos and your hairdresser takes photos too. Especially if the style is quite intricate and detailed. I always think its a good idea to also make note of which styling products worked best on your hair.

On the day of the wedding, make sure that if you are having to pull your dress over your head, you will need to put the dress on before your hair and makeup begins. You certainly don't want to mess up your hair or get makeup on your beautiful dress. If you don't need to do this, you should wear a top that opens at the front. A simple shirt is ideal.

You also won't want your hair to be too clean if you're having your hair put up. Too clean will mean the hairs slip more against each other so more products are needed. This can result in it not feeling so nice. You want to feel amazing!

Now, not forgetting your bridal party.

If you have bridesmaids, flower girls or a maid of honor that are also having their hair done, depending just how pretty you'll allow them to be, you may want to have a trail run with them and your hairdresser too.

If you haven't started looking at potential styles for your big day, check out my wedding Pinterest board here for a little inspiration or get in contact to arrange a Bridal trial.

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