It's Festival Time!

Let's get you hair ready.

I love this time of year. It's not all about Weddings. Festival season is here too!

Stand out in the crowd with crazy colours. Especially if you can't usually get away with due to your profession.

It's time to have a little fun with your style. Lets talk colour.

Have some fun with your hair. Bright colours and Pastels are never more fitting than at festivals.


These are all so beautiful but you will need to think it through properly before you take the leap. Be aware that your hair will most likely need to be pre-lightened first.

It will also need a fair amount of maintainence should you decide to keep the tones after the season has died down. Sadly, these pigments do not last as long as others. As they fade out, it can leave you with some pretty horrid tones depending on how dark your natural hair is. Undertones of your natural hair colour will always come back through leaving you with lightened hair, but not necesarily a colour you like. This is corrected by re toning the hair so its an extra cost to consider too.

The effect that these kind of colours through your hair can have on your mood, may take a little getting used to. Prepare yourself.

If your hair is in a very poor/dry condition, I would avoid lightening the hair at all but if you're lucky enough to be a natural blonde, semi permanent colours can be used to create waves of colours. As few or as many as you would like.

Your colourist will be able to advise if the lightening process is too harsh for your hair but be prepared to condition your hair more often.

Not feeling the pastel shades?

Why not go bright? Depending on your current hair colour, you may want to go for something bright that does not require pre-lightening. This will be less damaging to the hair. They will not really show up on dark hair so if you want a dramatic effect, pre lightening will be needed.

So, you have colours in mind but not sure what effect you'd like?

Here are a few options- although the options are endless really- You can have anything you like as long as your hair is in a good condition and you're happy to spend your money. These effects can be very long processes so the cost can escalate to a pretty high figure.

Rainbow hair

Doing the rounds again this year with an endless selection of variations. There are so many different effects which can be created to match your unique personality. If you know your colourist well, they should be able to work with you easily to get this spot on.

Holographic colour

This was very popular last year and is back.

I get excited about this effect as I am sure any colour technician would. Like the rainbow effects you will most likely need pre- lightening.

Now, it's pretty hard to chose something when we have so many options.

My advice for all clients is to take into account your skin tone. Not all colours work for everyone. I generally like to avoid greens and yellow near the the face unless its broken up with another colour in between.

Take a look at my colour pinterest board here for inspiration

*Remember, If your hair becomes dry after lightening, you must restore the moisture with a good conditioning regime.

Hair in good condition, will hold the colours for longer.

Restructuring bonding agents can now be used alongside your lightening process to ensure that the hair is not damaged during your sitting. I use Bondphlex which leaves your hair silky soft. It is worth requesting this service from your stylist.

If you're not feeling brave enough to try a new colour, maybe mix up your current look with a new fringe.

The Hippy fringe is a great way to mix things up a little. It's also the easiest style of fringe to deal with if you don't have a hairdryer to hand because you're in a tent.

They’re not only gorgeous but they're easy to maintain if you have naturally straight or wavy hair and also long enough to grow out in no time if you decide you want to free your forehead again.

Hair up

If you want to get your hair out of the way and add a little colour at the same time, head for the plaits.

They're not only quick but easily brought to life with a splash of colour running through.

Simply add a piece of ribbon or suede strip while you plait. It's easy to do and also really effective.

Take a look at my Festival Pinterest board here for inspiration on easy hair up styles you can try.

A few care tips if you're going to be staying in a tent

It is important to ensure that your hair is in a good condition if you are about to neglect it for a while.

Before you leave- treat yourself to a deep conditioning mask. This will help nourish your hair and prevent damage.

Pack yourself a dry shampoo. Batiste now have a 2 in 1 spray and it's perfect for the festival season. It also smells amazing so that’s an extra bonus when covering hair that’s not been washed for days. Don't forget, dry shampoo can also be used on the roots to add volume to your locks.

If you want to create a more textured look, Sea salt sprays are great for this. These help create a natural beach wave with very little effort and no heat appliances needed.

So, now you have a plan for your hair-

Time to get to your

hairdresser to discuss and create your perfect style and get you ready for the festival season.


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