Let's Get In The Christmas Spirit

Time to have some fun!

Fun with your families, fun with your friends and fun with your hair too.

Finding all the fun in London can be a little stressful but it’s worth it. Catching up with old friends while you skid along an ice rink or drinking mulled wine at the Christmas markets.

I love this time of year but not only because of the re-joining of friends and families but because it’s the perfect excuse to dress up and get creative with our look.

It’s the time of year when we spruce up our homes. We add garlands, decorations and wreaths.... to just about everything. But here’s the thing - Christmas foliage, bows and baubles needn't only be used around your home.

Check out my Christmas hair accessories Pinterest board

Now don’t tell me that while out looking for those Christmas gifts you haven’t spotted something eye catching that you wanted for yourself. It may have sparkled, it may have been beautiful colours or simply just had that Christmas feel and it made you pick it up. Now, you might have put it down again (realising it’s something you really don’t need) but something interested you.

That was the magic of Christmas.

So, why not let the magic grip you and treat yourself to a new accessory? I'm not talking handbags and shoes here. I mean those pretty things you see but don't really have any use for.

You can create your own hair accessories with your new item using hair clips/pins and the little help from glue gun.

Your Tree will most certainly also be holding a few gems too which can be transformed. Have a look around now. I'm sure you'll find many little items you could use.

Here's what you can do.

To make a Christmassy headband, simply twist some pretty wired ribbon around it. 10 seconds later, you're done.

Get the Ribbons out too. These can be used to add colour to your plaits.

When plaiting ribbon through your hair. It is easier to clip the ribbons in place first and remove the clip once you've completed your plait.

Make a knot at one end of each ribbon and clip through the end of a bobby pin. Make sure that the clip is placed under the top section of hair so that no knots are visible at the end. Once you're done, simply slide the clip out.

Don't forget, the Bow is back and it's the number one item to wear. I bet you have one somewhere.

If your looking for some inspiration this year for hair up options, check out my Pinterest board here.

Have fun with your hair this month and have a wonderful Christmas. x


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