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How to manage your hair during Covid-19

So, this is a blog I never saw myself writing. Coronavirus has taken us all back a few steps. It is ruining lives in so many ways be it job loss, illness, financial stress, special holidays & occasions being cancelled, the list is endless. I don't think anyone out there can say that they are not effected in some way. I really don't know where the road ahead will lead but we must make the most of what services we still have.

So, staying positive as the hair industry has a huge slump. I wanted to tell you that this doesn't mean your overgrown hair will drag you down, you don't need to stress over terrible roots and if you still have to sit through video calls for work, you can still look good. Even when you have absolutely no idea what you're doing when it comes to hair. People will still see you, people will also completely understand if you leave your roots, start to go grey or extra frizzy but its nice to feel good about ourselves and as we all know, having a new hairdo is always a great pick me up.

What is this magical solution this woman has you may ask? That magical answer is (as it always was) your hairdresser.

As the salons are now closed and home visits are no longer possible, we shouldn't forget that our hairdressers actually know our hair better than we do ourselves. You won't be able to get a haircut of course but you can use this time to focus on getting your hair back to its absolute best. We all want gorgeous hair right?

Here are a few basics to get you started.

Wash your hair less.

It's crazy just how many of us

over wash our hair. Either because we get sweaty having a run, going to the gym etc or because it's just too flat or too greasy if you don't keep washing it. Ideally, you don't want to wash your hair more than 2-3 times a week. The problem with washing your hair more than this is that the scalp gets confused about how much sebum to produce in order to keep your scalp healthy. If your scalp is at a nice happy level and then you wash it (before it was needed) you take away a lot of those natural oils that were produced. This then tells your scalp that it needs to produce extra oils in order to stay on top of its job role. This is why a lot of people who over wash their hair, tend to have greasy scalps. Let your scalp do its thing and let your hair have a break from being over cleansed. You'll soon notice that your scalp relaxes and you get longer in between washes before it's sticking to your head. Think about it, when you are allowed back outside wouldn't it be nice not to have flat hair? You will also get some extra time back for yourself.

Condition your hair.

This is the perfect time to find the time in our usual routines and condition our hair. Get in the habit of doing this little extra bit here and there. If you want to keep those split ends at bay til your next cut, I can't recommend this highly enough. Grab yourself a conditioning mask or some leave in conditioner and keep your mid to end sections strong. A leave in conditioner can be used daily. Applying to the mid sections down only. Grab your ponytail, that's the hair you want to be focusing on. A conditioning masque is best used once a week and again you don't want to be applying this to your roots. Once you've fit this conditioning duty into your hair routine, you'll soon start to not only see the difference, but feel it too. Stronger, healthier hair really does mean less breakage and not to mention, more shine.

Cut out the hair straighteners and tongs.

Everyone knows that these kind of hair tools reach insane heat levels (usually 240 degrees) and damage our hair more than anything else. That's more than twice the heat of your boiling kettle.Yikes! This really is the perfect time to give your hair a well deserved break from excessive heat and let it regain it's natural strength. Maybe it's also time to practice getting the same effects with your hairdryer or other air tools. If you can reach your hairdresser for guidance here, make sure you give them a shout. Otherwise, there are so many videos available online for you to try out. Practice makes perfect but for those who really do struggle, there are hair tools that make styling your hair very simple . Your stylist will understand your needs better than others so do ask for their honest opinion on what to pick up.

Cut out the hairdryer- (if you can).

This one is a big ask but if you can get away without using your dryer, it will again make all the difference to your hairs condition. Hairdryers - although not as hot as heated plates, do dry the hair out and the more we use them, the more damage they do. This is even more true for those who are blow drying their hair incorrectly, causing the follicles to lay in the wrong direction which will eventually cause breakage. Just by cutting down so that you only dry off your roots after a shower/bath, but leave the rest to dry naturally is a great start. There are so many hair products out there now that can help your hair to dry without frizz, some adding extra curl, some adding volume or extra shine. With the right product for your hair type, there will be something that you can simple throw onto your hair and leave. You could also try the old fashioned way of wrapping your hair in curlers or rags or simply plaiting your hair while it's wet so that you're left with cute waves. As your hairdresser knows your hair best, get some advice from the professionals as to whats right for you.

Stop tying it back.

Another tough ask I know, as some of us just have too much hair and it genuinely gets in the way a lot. If you must tie your hair away from your face, try to keep moving your hairband around. A low pony one day, top knot the next, lose bun and so on. By doing this you help to avoid giving yourself a band of damaged/broken hair. Make sure you use a hair band that does not have any metal fittings or glittered thread running through. These are great hair rippers and do can a lot of damage- especially if you have fine hair.

If you're worried about your roots- call your stylist for your colour information and personal guidance.

No one else will have this information except for your stylist. Remember, only they know exactly how your hair reacts to different pigments and peroxide strengths too. Dependent on what techniques of colour and what types of colour you've have had on your hair previously, you will need your hairdresser to work out the best way forward. You can't do a head of highlights on yourself for example, so your stylist can offer you options to blend your roots. If you have had a creative colour, this can be too tricky to touch up by yourself so you will want to look at alternative ways to keep it looking good but not ruin your hairdressers hard work. Remember, what you see on a colour box dye, is not always what you achieve. It's best to check and hopefully your stylist can still provide you with the professional colours that are needed.

Practice some new styles.

If you always wanted to have pretty braids or nice hair up, now is a great time to start playing around with your hair. Again, you tube is a great platform to watch others so that you can pick it up. If your hairdresser is available online, maybe you can have a private tutorial to guide you through.These kind of styles do require practice- followed by more practice and sometimes a fair amount of patience too.

Make your own hair accessories.

If you fancy having a little fun while you're at home, you'll be amazed what you can make to add a splash of colour or sparkle to your hairstyle. From glue guns and Bobby pins, to sewing your own headbands. Get creative. Again, you will find plenty of D.I.Y videos online to get you started.

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I hope you find this information helpful but most of all, keep yourself and your loved ones safe and stay home. I'll see you on the other side.x

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