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Winter tips to keep your hair at its best

December 2, 2017

Winter… it’s here!


Whats so bad about Winter?


1. Cold temperatures


We all know how mean the elements can be to our locks. Cold weather saps our hair of moisture and as dry hair breaks more easily, you really do need a deep conditioning product to protect your hair. When your hair is exposed to the cold temperature outside and then the heat inside, it is caused to dry out.


Solutions: Try and get in the habit of using a conditioning mask once a fortnight to keep your hair moisturised.

A leave in conditioner will create a barrier against the elements keeping the hair in good condition. 


The key to survival really is to condition, condition, condition. Try to avoid rinsing your hair with hot water. This is very drying. Rinse in tepid or even cold water for smoothness and shine.


2. Humid weather:


Frizzy hair can be a nightmare and it seems like a perfect excuse to get the straighteners out to keep it smooth.


Solultions: Hold off the heat. Try to stay away from your hairdryer and straighteners and any other heated appliances. They will only dry your hair out more.

Use a leave in conditioner to block the moist air out instead and keep the frizz at bay.


3. Products seem more necessary. 


A lot of us like the smoothing and shining effects of silicone products but silicone can be very difficult to remove completely without a clarifying shampoo and  it can eventually cause your hair to snap. 


Solutions: I recommend that you use silicone products no more than once a week. Avoid over use of products and stay away from clarifying shampoos. These are fantastic for getting the hair clean but try to use these as little as possible through the winter months.

Most clarifying shampoos tend to remove the protective oils from the hair shaft that are needed to protect hair during the harsh, cold months.

Avoid product build-up. If you do use a lot of product in your hair, use these shampoos no more than once every 10 days.

Winter is a period to be kind to your hair


Here are some further tips to ensure your hair stays beautiful and healthy despite the the cold, dry air.


Avoid over-brushing

As your hair will be more delicate through these months, try to comb your hair gently with a wide-toothed comb a couple times a day to prevent tangles and be sure to follow the rules of brushing safely - tip to root!

Detanglers are a great aid, but if you still struggle, add a little leave-in conditioner (if it’s wet) to comb through your hair more easily. 


Trim often. 

If you are trying to maintain length with your hair, make sure you have a regular haircut. This will help prevent any breakage from moving up the hair shaft and causing you trouble later. 


Cover up.

For the trend setter who can pull it off, a pretty silk scarf to protect your hair will work wonders. It will keep away the wind and help the hair remain at at a steady temperature.

Try out some new looks. This is the best part of all.

It’s time to create some wonderful ‘up dos’  with the festive season ahead. This will limit your hair's exposure to the elements and will limit your use of heated appliances too. It's a win-win.


Try a new colour. Low lights are a great pick-me-up in the winter months and going darker is the gentle approach to vamping up your colour whilst being much kinder to your hair. Adding rich tones will also make you feel like a new you. 







When going for a colour change, it is always best to check that the person you use is fully qualified and a professional colourist. Read my blog here for more information.




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