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Postpartum Hair Driving You Mad?

August 8, 2017

So, you’re a new mum?


First off- Congratulations!


It certainly is fun and exciting but somehow, we seem to get a little lost, whilst we put all our cares and thoughts into being mum.


You’re not top priority anymore so your image is generally a little further down the list of things to worry about.


So what’s going on with this postpartum hair anyway?  


Post-partum hair can be a real challenge for some women. Don’t be surprised if you’re cleaning out the plughole every time you wash your hair. Women shed more hair than usual in the first months after giving birth. As scary as it can be, it is normal.


Basically, while you were busy for 9 months growing your baby, your hair was busy growing itself. Almost none of your hair would have fallen into its resting stage. This is the stage your hair reaches just before it falls out. An average woman loses around 100 hairs a day. So, 100 extra hairs each day over nine months really is a lot of hair. You may have noticed that your hair was more luxuriant and thicker during pregnancy. This is generally more noticeable on woman with longer hair.

Once your baby is here, your estrogen levels take a big dip so the hair follicles start to rest. You guessed it, it then starts to fall out, in handfuls at times.


You may start to worry that you’re going bald, you may worry that it’s in your head and you may even be embarrassed to discuss this with other mums. Don’t worry, it’s not forever and you will get your hair back to its normal state.  



What you need to do.


So, we can’t stop it falling out and we can’t stop the crazy baby hairs popping up along the hairline either.


So what do we need to do?


It’s all in the knowledge of good hair products, a great stylist and your hair care. Click here for haircare tips.

It's a good start.


Discuss your worries with your stylist.


Not all women are prepared to just ride it out and see what happens.


Your stylist can recommend a suitable style that can hide any thinning areas and can be styled easily. After all, you’ve got a baby now and you don’t really have the time to do your hair anymore.


You don’t want to tie it up every day either, not with the added worry of the fine baby hairs breaking away and leaving you with what looks like a receding hairline.


My blog on hairbands will explain all you need to know if you are going to keep it long. You can read this here.


Thinking of going short?


A lot of mums do tend to go shorter- It’s the perfect time.


Now, it’s not just for the ease of having less hair. It also stops mums getting in the habit of throwing their hair in a ponytail each day. The added bonus to this being that it’s no longer being pulled out by little ones and it is quicker to style.


Going for the chop really isn’t for everyone so if you want to keep it long, try experimenting with thickening products to help achieve a fuller look.


Thinking of getting a fringe?


Fringes are a great hideaway for any thinning areas to the hairline. Now not everyone thinks a fringe would suit them but if you choose the correct style of fringe for your face shape, you may be surprised just how good a fringe can look on you.


Whatever you do, don't attempt to cut your own. Click here if you want to know why.




Product use in most cases is an absolute must. You’ll either need a volumising agent, taming products or both.


Your stylist can assess your hair and suggest the correct products for your hair dependent on its condition and your personal style.


Don't let your hair stress you out. Speak to your stylist and enjoy having great manageable hair.


When your hair works around you, It's one thing you can knock off your to-do list.


Free up more time to be mummy.



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